May 2019
AMCTO President Presents to Regional Governance Review Panel

2019-05-17 3:02:11 PM


Today, AMCTO President Angela Morgan presented to Regional Governance Review Special Advisors Ken Seiling and Michael Fenn. She shared with the panel the principles AMCTO believes must govern any changes to existing regional governance models. 

First, AMCTO believes that the regional governance review must be transparent. To that end, we asked the special advisors to make their report public, although the decision to do so rests with the Minister of Municipal Affairs and Housing. Nevertheless, AMCTO believes that municipalities deserve to see the recommendations the Minister will use to make his decisions. 

AMCTO also believes that any changes or other recommendations should be supported by the local government expertise offered by our members. After all, nearly every municipality in the province is served by AMCTO members. Existing structures work in large part due to their efforts and expertise in implementation. Any changes to existing structures should be made in the context of the municipality’s needs and the community’s desires. 

Finally, we believe that any changes should come in cooperation with local governments, trusting local representatives to determine the best way to deliver municipal services to their communities. 

Ontario’s local government professionals work day in and day out to support the elected councils that develop policy, authorize expenditures, and create programs to make each municipality a real community for the residents who call it home. We realize that there is no one way to deliver municipal services, and so we have focused on the principles we believe should govern any changes to the existing structures municipalities have come to know. 

If you have any questions or comments, please contact Adam McDonald (, Policy Advisor.

For more information, please see below: 

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